Ed’s Diner turns into a buzzing hotspot at night, our cocktail menu definitely won’t disappoint, neither will our selection of beer on tap, fine wines, premium whisky’s and liqueurs. 

We cater for Parties & Functions from 5 to 105 years old. If you want a unique modern 70’s-style diner with an electric vibe, amazing food and good old school retro music for your birthday, anniversary, work function or other celebration… Ed’s is the Place for you. Terms and Conditions Apply. 

Diner, Cocktail Bar, Take Outs … Come to Ed’s and be a part of the Original Retro Diner in South Africa.

Grilled Haloumi With scorched rosa tomatoes and basil pesto ***NEW 64.90

Smoked Biltong Carpaccio

Thin slices of smoked biltong carpaccio with cucumber, onion, crumbled feta & balsamic reduction.
Focaccia 39.90
Choice of 1: plain / mixed herbs / garlic / tomato base / jalapeños / crumbled feta.
Philly Cheese-Steak 79.90
Straight cut rump with sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions and cheese melt. Served on ciabatta or regular bun with fries.
Ed’s Spicy Chicken Mayo 49.90
Grilled chicken with Ed’s smoked mighty mayo & jalapeño. Served on ciabatta or regular bun with fries.
Gotham Steak Roll ***New 69.90
Straight cut rump with blackened onions. Served on ciabatta or regular bun.
Ciabatta prego ***NEW  
Chicken or steak, pan fried with peri-peri. Served on ciabatta or regular bun with fries.
Chicken 64.90
Steak 69.90
Porky’s ***NEW 69.90
Pulled pork on toasted bread with our home made honey mustard mayonnaise & home-made slaw. Served on ciabatta or regular bun with fries.
Southern Fried Pieces Served With Ed’s Smoked Mighty Mayo
6 pieces 29.90
12 pieces 59.90
18 pieces 89.90
Choose your flavour:
Original Cajun spice / BBQ dip or peri-peri dip.
Sweet Potato Nacho’s  59.90
Our home made sweet potato crisps topped with salsa, two cheeses & fresh spring onions with guacamole on the side.
Lightly toasted wrap filled with a tomato & cucumber salsa served with 1 side order: side salad / onion rings / fries / veggies / sweet potato crisps / ½ fries & ½ onion rings.
Straight cut steak wrap with hummus with Ed’s slaw & seasoned with moroccan spices ***NEW  84.90 
Chicken, blackened onions, scorched rosa tomatoes & feta ***NEW  79.90
Pulled pork, pineapple, peppadew™ & red onion ***NEW 84.90
Deboned-rib       79.90
Bacon, feta & *avo 79.90
Grilled chicken, chorizo & *avo 79.90
*Avo, slaw, carrots, feta & salsa 79.90
Grilled cajun chicken, *avo, haloumi & chilli aioli  89.90
Fresh seasonal salad that includes mixed lettuce, micro herbs, tomatoes & cucumber, *mixed seeds, *dried cranberries & salad dressing on the side
Please specify:
Full salad 69.90
Half salad 39.90
Greek Salad With Olives & Feta
Add *avo 19.90
Haloumi & Peppadew™ Salad
Add *avo 19.90
Bacon & Feta Salad
Add *avo  19.90
*Strawberries & Grilled Chicken Salad
Add feta 9.90
Beetroot, scorched rosa tomatoes & feta
Add pulled pork 19.90
Caprice salad: scorched rosa tomatoes, basil pesto & shredded mozzarella
Add chicken 14.90

Customise your dream burge. Nothing beats an Ed’s Burger! We make our patties from 100% top grade South African beef, always fresh and never frozen! Ed’s Hamburgers also available with vegetarian patties or naked (no bun) for a low –carb option.

We grill all our BEEF burgers medium. If you would like YOUR burger to be grilled differently, just ask your server, simple as that!  
Burgers served with a choice of 1 side order: side salad / onion rings / veggies / fries / sweet potato crisps / ½ fries & ½ onion rings.
Ed’s Originals:
Now available in two sizes: 150g or 250g.
Beef / vegerarian 150g  59.90
Beef / vegerarian 250g or deboned rib 250g  69.90
Chicken 59.90
Make it a pounder (beef or deboned rib) R30 extra 150g or R40 extra 250g
Add your own flavour with Ed’s custom burgers. choose from any of the listed toppings:
Pepper, cheese, chilli, mushroom, monkey-gland,
Atomic chilli 19.90 each
Blue cheese 27.90 each
Pulled pork, salami, haloumi, *avo 19.90 each
Ham, bacon, chorizo, portobello mushrooms 14.90 each
Ed’s Smoked Mighty Yayo, chilli aioli, honey mustard mayo, ed’s retro sauce  5.90each
Roasted peppers, ed’s blackened onions, gherkins, olives, onions (fresh or caramelized), peppadew™, scorched rosa tomatoes, jalapeños, beetroot, egg 7.90each
Ed’S Original 250g Burgers With The Best Combinations!
Miami Heat 87.90
Cheese & jalapeños  
Ed’s 3-in-1 87.90
Egg & cheese slice  
Big Kahuna 99.90
Cheese, bacon, gherkins, mayo & onion rings  
Big Easy 99.90
Bacon, cheese slice, sweet potato crisps, mayo & gherkins  
Hombre 99.90
Cheese slice & chilli sauce  
Porkimon Go! 99.90
Pulled pork & feta  
Smoking gun 85.90
Ccorched rosa tomatoes & blackened onions
**Upgrade Your Fries
Cheese fries  24.90
Chilli fries 24.90
Chilli-cheese fries  29.90
Remember, these are not paper thin “chain store burgers” please allow us time to prepare!
Home made Ed’s tomato base with Nona’s Secret Recipe, mozzarella and mouth-watering toppings!
Add garlic or fresh chilli at no extra charge.
Ed’S Classic Pizzas
Regina 74.90
Ham & mushroom
Hawaiian 74.90
Ham & fresh pineapple
Margherita 54.90
Tomato base, mozzarella, herbs
Ed’s Custom Pizzas
Create your own materpiece by adding any of the following toppings to a basic margherita.
Choose From Any Of The Listed Toppings:
Pulled pork, salami, beef strips, deboned-rib, haloumi, *avo 19.90 each
Bacon, chicken, ham, chorizo, portobello mushrooms  14.90 each
Scorched rosa tomatoes, jalapeños, rocket  7.90 each
Cheddar, mozzarella, feta, mushrooms, pineapple, roasted peppers, Ed’s Blackened Onions, olives, onions ( fresh & caramelized) & peppadew™  9.90 each
Ed’s Premium Pizzas
Tricolore 79.90
Scorched rosa tomatoes, basil pesto & feta
Dona-Tello 86.90
Roasted peppers, parmesan & portobello mushrooms
Captain Black 
Chicken, Blackened onions & feta  88.90
Mustang Sally 89.90
Rump strips, caramelized onions, rocket with balsamic reduction
The Triple P (Pulled Pork Pizza) 90.90
Pulled pork, scorched tomatoes, rocket and balsamic reduction
Viking 91.90
Deboned rib, pineapple & peppadew™
The Texano 92.90
Pulled pork, peppadew™ & feta
Matador 102.90
Chorizo, grilled chicken, peppadew™, feta & caramelized onion
Ed’S Pizza 102.90
Bacon, peppadew™ & *avo
Caesar’s 109.90
Grilled chicken, *avo, haloumi & chilli aioli
Lazy aged and flame grilled to your satisfaction (blue, rare, medium or well done) served with a choice of 1 side order: side salad / onion rings / fries / veggies / sweet potato crisps / ½ fries & ½ onion rings (pre-grilled weight).
Roquefort Rump 154.90
300g aged tender rump served with creamy blue cheese sauce & *avo
Lots Of Shrooms 149.90
300g aged tender rump, portobello mushroom & parmesan shavings
Ed’S Rump 149.90
300g aged tender rump topped with our creamy lemon & herb & mozzarella sauce
Portuguese Rump 144.90
300g aged tender rump topped with a fried egg & caramelized onion
Caprice Steak ***NEW 145.90
300g aged tender rump, scorched rosa tomatoes and mild chilli with a hint of basil pesto & mozzarella
Café De Paris Steak ***NEW 139.90
Creamy herb butter with a touch of garlic served on a sizzling 300g aged tender rump.
Madagascar Peppercorn Crust 139.90
300g aged tender rump crusted in freshly crushed black and green peppercorns with our home basting.
Flamed grilled organic chicken served with 1 choice of side order:   side salad / fries / onion rings / veggies / sweet potato crisps / ½ fries & ½ onion rings.
Rosa Roasted Chicken Breast ***NEW 82.90
Chicken, scorched rosa tomatoes & feta
Chicken Schnitzel 84.90
Choice of mushroom or cheese or pepper sauce
Health Breast 64.90
Tender flame grilled chicken breast. Lemon & herbs or BBQ or cajun.
Cajun Chicken Breast 89.90
Cajun chicken breast with haloumi, *avo & chilli or lemon aioli 
Pineapple Express ***NEW  82.90
Grilled chicken breast with pineapple, lemon and Jalapeño salsa
Mo-ROCK-Can Man  89.90
Chicken breast, hummus, *avo and Ed’s Mighty mayo
Ed’S Grilled Chicken 119.90
Full chicken cut into pieces for your convenience!
Lemon & herbs or BBQ or peri-peri or BBQ peri-peri.
Lazy aged, flame grilled to your satisfaction: blue, rare, medium or well done. Choose from dry grilled, greek style (lemon & herbs), salt & herb rub or with our unique home basting.
200g fillet 129.90
200g rump 89.90
300g rump 129.90
Ed’s Sauces:
Pepper sauce, cheese sauce, chilli sauce, mushroom sauce, monkey-gland sauce. 19.90 each
Atomic chilli (for the very, very brave) 19.90 each
Blue cheese sauce  19.90 each
Ed’s platters are ideal for your parties & functions in-house or as take-out.
Boere Platter
Ribs, Meatballs, Chicken pieces, mini South African smoked sausage
Single  159.90
Double 264.90
Great Grill Platter
Ribs, Chicken pieces, rump strips & M.O.B’s
Single  159.90
Double 264.90
Flame grilled ribs, cut & basted with your choice of sauces. Served with a choice of 1 side order: fries / side salad / onion rings / veggies / sweet potato crisps / ½ fries & ½ onion rings
400g rack 124.90
600g rack 144.90
1kg rack 204.90
Choose your flavour:
Sticky-sweet BBQ sauce
BBQ peri-peri sauce
Smoked BBQ
“Mighty One Bite’s”, original mini Burgers served with a choice of 1 side order: side salad / onion rings / fries / veggies / sweet potato crisps / ½ fries & ½ onion rings
Beef Or Chicken M.O.B’s
6 144.90
9 189.90
Ed’s Sauces:
Mushroom, blue cheese, chilli, pepper, bbq, sweet chilli, monkey-gland
Cheese sauce or cheese slice
Fries 29.90
½ Fries & ½ Onion Rings 29.90
Cheese Fries (Mayo, Cheese Melt) 39.90
Chilli Fries (Chilli Sauce) 34.90
Chilli-Cheese Fries (Mayo, Cheese Melt & Chilli Sauce) 44.90 
Side Salad (Small) 29.90
Onion Rings 19.90
Veggies 29.90
Sweet Potato Crisps 34.90
Ed’s shakes are freshly made using premium ice-cream, to our own special recipe ensuring a thick and creamy, world famous shake every time!
Ed’s Regular Shakes:
Strawberry or lime or bubble-gum or coffee or banana or chocolate or vanilla
Regular 24.90
Large 34.90
Ed’s Speciality Shakes:
Oreo 44.90
Peppermint crisp 44.90
Kit-kat 44.90
Smarties 44.90
Bar-one 44.90
Crunchie 44.90
Lunch bar 44.90
Peanut butter 44.90
Flake 44.90
Whispers 44.90
Coffee crisp (peppermint crisp & coffee) 44.90
Peanut crunch (peanut butter & kit-kat) 44.90
Peanut butter, banana, chocolate coffee bomb  49.90
Oreo sundae 54.90
Flake sundae 54.90
Ice-cream & chocolate sauce 34.90
2 scoop ice-cream cone & chocolate sauce  19.90
This Ride Has A Height Restriction, Please Only Order If You Are Shorter Than 1.20 Meters And Younger Than 13!
Kiddies Pizza 39.90
20Cm Base, Mozzarella, Ham & Pineapple
2 X M.O.B’S & Fries (Mighty One Bites) 59.90
Ribs & Fries 54.90
Mini Cheese Grillers & Fries 49.90
Iced Cuppuccino  29.90
Smoothies 34.90
Old fashioned lemonade, orange, apple, strawberry, mango or cranberry
Fresh Fruit Juices 20.90
Old fashioned lemonade, orange, apple, strawberry, mango or cranberry
Appletiser, Grapetiser
White Or Red
Soda Pops
Coke, Fanta, Coke Zero, Creme-Soda Or Sprite, Etc
Mineral Water
Still – no bubbles, sparkling – with bubbles
Cordials & Mix 20.90
Passionfruit or cola tonic or lime
Iced Tea 24.90
Lemon or peach or green tea or peach lite  
Rock shandy 21.90
Filter Coffee 16.90
Americano 17.90
Single espresso, long run  
Cappuccino 18.90
Cream or foam  
Red Cappuccino 21.90
Single 16.90
Double 18.90
Espresso – Con Panna 19.90
Cream or foam  
Caffé Latte 20.90
Espresso with hot milk  
Honey Hazelnut Latte 27.90
Chai Latte 27.90
Caffé Mocha 23.90
Espresso with Hot Chocolate  
Tea 17.90
Hot Malts 21.90
Milo, Hot Chocolate Or Horlicks  
Irish Coffee 40.90
Don Pedro 40.90
Whiskey or Kahlua
Tutti-fruity **NEW  52
All the tropical liqueurs with a dash of sweet white wine and blended to make a very adult slushy.
Blue Fizz-PoP **NEW  49
Liquid cocaine blended with bubblegum vodka and lemonade.
Strawberry Mojito **NEW  51
Light rum, lemon, fresh mint strawberry liqueur, old fashioned lemonade and fresh strawberries.
Urban Sunset **NEW  54
Strawberry and cherry liqueur with Grenadine, Vodka, Blue Curaçao and lime with Fanta orange. 
Strawberry Daiquiri 51
Strawberry juice blended with light rum, strawberry liqueur & lime.
Cosmopolitan 43
Vodka, Triple-Sec, cranberry juice & lime shaken together
Mojito 50
Light rum, lemon, fresh mint & old fashioned lemonade
Long Island Iced Tea 53
A blend of Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Light Rum, Triple-Sec & Cola
Margarita (Plain or Frozen)  42
Tequila, Triple-Sec & old fashioned lemonade
A coastal favourite
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster 52
Triple-Sec, Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Blue Curaçao, Grenadine, lime & orange juice
So-Delicious 51
Libido, Blue Curaçao, Cherry Liqueur, Grenadine & Lemonade
Rocket Fuel  52
Light rum, gin, Vodka, Tequila, lime, lemonade & Blue Curaçao
Mixed together to get the party started…
Martini 41
Have it your way: Gin or Vodka, sweet or dry, shaken, not stirred…
Red Rover 49
Fresh strawberries in a tall glass with a shot of Strawberry Liqueur, finished off with a Smirnoff Spin.
Piña Colada 52
Malibu, Light Rum, ice-cream & pineapple juice
Ed’s Mojito 51
Light Rum, lemon, fresh mint & strawberries with a dash of bubblegum flavour & old fashioned lemonade
It has our name in it, give it a try!
Frozen Southern Comfort 49
Southern Comfort, lime & cherry blended together
So well that even your mother-in-law will like it
Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel MCC  220
J.C. Le Roux
Le Domaine 120
La Chanson 120
La Fleurette 120
Wines by Carafe (250ml)
Musicby D’Aria Semi sweet white 33
Arabella Sauvignon Blanc 35
Swartland Chardonnay 33
Music by D’Aria Sweet Rosé 33
The Wolftrap Red  35
Cloof Cult Cab 35
Swartland Pinotage 35
White Wines
Blended Whites
Boschendal – Boschen blanc 105
Big tropical fruit and citrus aromas. Hints of honey and lemon-drop
Music by D’Aria – Semi Sweet 99
Fresh guava and passion fruit with honeysuckle and citrus on the nose – sweet and fruity.
Haute Cabrière – Chardonnay/Pinot Noir                                    185
Elegant zesty fruit, underlined by firm acidity. white peach, lychee and red fruit with a delectable balanced finish.
Sauvignon Blanc
Arabella 105
Tropical nose with prominent passion fruit, guava and pear aromas. Long sweet-fruited finish.
La Motte 145
Diverse and complex wine. Gooseberry, supported by green apple and a hint of lime. Ripe summer fruit with a refreshing finish.
Chenin Blanc
Simonsig 99
Bright straw colour. Passion fruit, watermelon and guava aromas. Lively acidity and fresh nuances.
Ernie Els – The Big Easy 145
Beautiful, pure-fruited and charming. Dominated by citrus, peaches, a sprinkle of spice and slight peppery edge. A long fruity finish.
Protea 120
Peach, nectarine and honeysuckle aromas mingle with melon and vanilla. Well-rounded and balanced with light acidity.
Swartland 99
Fresh and light style. Lemon zest and a creamy butterscotch aromas, melon and hints of peach. A well-balanced wine.
De Grendel 120
Aromas of pink fruits like watermelon, and strawberries and the taste of crisp, fresh raspberries.  
Music by D’Aria – Sweet 99
Coral colour. Strawberries and ripe cherries with hints of rose-sweet and juicy finish.
Red Wines
Blended Reds
The Wolftrap 105
Ripe fruits and a hint of oak with a peppery finish. For easy drinking.
Raka – Spliced 125
A soft, fruity wine with delicate ripe red fruit, berries, prunes and slight oak & spice flavours. A subtle balance between fruit and wood. Filled with lots of fruity tones.
Delheim- Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz  125
This wine has a youthful ruby red colour, followed by aromas of blueberries, plums, spice, liquorice and some minty undertones. Medium-bodied, with generous length on the finish.
Swartland 105
Earthy with subtle red berry aromas, well-structured. Medium tannins and dried fruit with a beautiful balance. Easy drinking.
Beyerskloof 145
Plum and black cherries against mocha, cedar and sweet spicy notes. Medium-bodied with a balanced finish
Dutoitskloof 105
Ripe mulberry with light smoky oak and a hint of chocolate 
Protea 120
Bright black- and blueberry aromas with cocoa, mulberry, cherry and fruitcake on the nose. Long, lingering aftertaste.
Boland 105
Blackcurrant fruit and herbs, complemented by soft oak flavours.
Cabernet Sauvignon
Cloof – Cult Cab 110
Deep, dark, cherry-red colour. Intense nose of violets, blueberries and honey bush with a hint of cacao. Full-bodied with soft tannins and lots of berry flavours.
Warwick First Lady  170
Deep and intense ruby red colour. Dark chocolate, berries, eastern spices and notes of fresh herbs. Easy drinking.
Blow Job  19
Kahlua & Amarula
Crunchie 19
Caramel Vodka & Chocolate Vodka
Sledge Hammer 24
Kahlua, Amarula & Stroh Rum
Jelly Baby 19
Grenadine, Banana Liqueur, Blue Curaçao & Amarula
Liquid Cocaine 15
Vodka, Blue Curaçao & lime
Nutty Angel 19
Frangelico, Amarula & Nachtmusik
CrAzY Ed 24
Tequila, Absinthe & Stroh Rum
Springbokkie  19
Peppermint Liqueur & Amarula
Silky Panty 15
Strawberry Liqueur, Banana Liqueur & Passion Fruit
Milktart 15
House recipe with Vodka
Gummi Bear 19
Bubbelgum Vodka & Strawberry Lips
WTF ?! (Well That’s Fantastic!)  22
Ed’s potent power sour courage mix, married to the green fairy with a drop of Grenadine.\
Caramel Milktart 19
House recipe milktart with Caramel Vodka & Cinnamon
Blind Bunny  19
Strawberry Lips & Chocolate Vodka
All Shooters sold as single shots…

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